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F.A.Q.'s: Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Questions:    


Are you able to move my loved one.  He needs medical attention?

U.S. Air Ambulance has the medical capability to transport the most acute patients from infants to senior citizens as well as the sensitivity to transport persons who just need a little assistance.  Working with your patient's doctor, our Medical Director will determine the best method of safely transporting your loved one.


What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is a business class aircraft that has been specially equipped with a flight stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medications and a highly trained medical staff to safely, efficiently, and quickly  transport your loved one from one location to another.


Does my patient need an air ambulance?

If the patient is being treated medically or requires some assistance, it is quite possible that he will require medical assistance while traveling from one location to another.  Air ambulance is the fastest method of transport.  However, U.S. Air Ambulance offers several lower cost alternatives for stable patients.  Call 1 800-971-4351 to discuss alternatives or click on <SERVICES> to read about some of our lower cost alternatives.


What am I required to do for the trip?

When you schedule a trip, we will request the following information:   To and from locations, sending and receiving doctor information,  date and time you would like the patient to travel, and  method of payment.  U.S. Air Ambulance does everything else.  We provide a worry-free transport for you so that you can concentrate on other important matters.


How does the service work?

Our team manages the entire process for you.  Our Flight Coordinators schedule ground transportation and manage communications between facilities, doctors, case managers, admissions personnel, airport terminals, ambulances, caterers, and families.  Our Medical Coordinator manages flight medical crews and insures that proper medical equipment and medications are available for your patient.  Our Chief Pilot plans the flight path and manages the aircraft and crew preparation.  Our Medical Director insures that your patient receives proper treatment during the transport.  Our Insurance Specialist helps manage the paper work for you after your trip is completed.  Our team makes your transport as peaceful as possible.


What is bedside-to-bedside service?

For continuity of care, it is vital that our medical team starts and finishes the entire journey with your patient.  Therefore, our medical team arrives at your patient's bedside at the start of the transfer.  At the start, we are able to assess the patient before she ever leaves her bed.  We also comfort her so that she is less anxious about the trip.  At the end of the trip, we also travel with her by ground transportation to her bedside.  At this time, we discuss the trip process with the receiving nurse so that she is aware of any issues the patient may have.  In this way, your patient is assured the utmost in care.


Does your service travel to my locations?

U.S. Air Ambulance flies to all continents except Antarctica.  Within the U.S.,  we travel to hundreds of airports more than are used by commercial carriers.  Chances are that there is an airport within minutes of your location and destination.                             

Financial Questions:


How much does your service cost?

As you might expect, the cost of medical transportation is fairly expensive.  U.S. Air Ambulance is committed to providing you the lowest price possible without compromising patient care.  Our <PRICING> section discusses pricing examples, rate schedules, and several money saving options that can save you thousands of dollars for your transport.


Is ground transportation included in your quote?

Ground transportation as well as all other costs are usually included in our quotes.  U.S. Air Ambulance will provide you with a written quote that includes all costs unless specifically omitted by customer request.  When comparing us to others, please request a quote in writing from other vendors for your protection. 


Is your quote all-inclusive?

Our quote to you is all-inclusive.  There are no hidden charges or add-ons.  Any changes to costs that might occur as a result of changing patient conditions (such as an upgrade to a ground ambulance from a wheel chair van)  would only be done prior to a transport and with the full knowledge of our customer.


Does insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare pay for this service?

About 35 percent of our clients have some insurance coverage for air ambulance.  Generally, medical necessity must be shown.  Medicaid, in some instances of medical necessity will cover air ambulance.  Medicare and Medicare Gap insurances generally do not cover air ambulance.  Our insurance specialist will gladly work with you to obtain prior authorization from your insurance carrier.


What form of payments does U.S. Air Ambulance accept?

We accept  payments such as money orders, bank wire drafts, cashiers checks, personal checks, cash and all major credit cards.   Many insurance companies pay the cost of air ambulance transportation. Please provide the flight coordinator with your insurance information and we will work with your insurance provider to obtain  payment authorization for your patient.

Medical Questions:


What type of medical Personnel do you provide?

At a minimum, all air ambulance trips require a critical care paramedic.  Our standard of care is one critical care paramedic and one critical care registered nurse.  When necessary, we provide respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and physicians.  Our medical personnel have a minimum of five years experience critical care experience and have extensive training in flight physiology and air ambulance.


What type of medical equipment and medications are on board?

A partial list of supplies and equipment includes oxygen, ventilator, cardiac monitor/ defibrillator, suction equipment, full ACLS  drug complement, IV supplies, resuscitation equipment, FAA approved stretchers, AC inverters and much more.


Who is your medical director?

Dr. Paul March, U.S. Air Ambulanceís Medical Director, is an FAA Medical  Inspector with twenty two years of ACLS experience. Dr. March developed and enforces strict protocols that exceed national standards.  He will personally review your patientís case and will provide specific protocols for your patient. 

Aircraft Questions:


What is your safety record?

U.S. Air Ambulance has a 100 percent safety record.  .


Is your service insured?

The aircraft are insured for up to $20,000,000 per occurrence. In addition, we carry medical liability insurance of $1,000,000.


What type of aircraft do you use?

We have access to several types of aircraft. Our Flight Coordinators will be happy to explain the options to you.


Are the aircraft pressurized?

Air ambulances are cabin pressurized to maintain a comfortable flight for our patients.  In addition, cabin pressurization is important for patient care.  At lower pressures, patients require more oxygen and medical equipment operation is compromised.  Insist on pressurized cabins for your patient's care.


Which aircraft is right for my patient?

Our medical director in consultation with the patient's doctor will recommend various medically appropriate options for the patient. 

Logistical Questions:


How many family members can travel with the patient?

Family members may travel without charge. The number of passengers is based on the aircraft chosen, the patients health, and the length of the flight.


How much luggage can I bring?

Luggage is limited on medical flights due to the significant amount of medical equipment that is carried aboard air ambulances.  Luggage generally is limited to three medium pieces in total.  Our customers typically ship other non-essential materials prior to the trip.


How far in advance do I need to schedule the trip?

Some of our clients must fly within hours.  However, it is best to give us at least 24 hours notice if possible.  Doctor consultations must sometimes be flexible to your attending doctor's needs.  More notice can sometimes substantially reduce your cost.  Call 1 800-971-4351 for details.


When can I reach someone to discuss my needs?

U.S. Air Ambulance is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you.  Call 1 800-971-4351 and a live flight coordinator will answer to help with your questions.


My patient is not in the U.S..  Can you transport her?

Our medical teams have transported patients to and from almost every country.  In addition to air ambulance, we can coordinate international airline stretcher transports than can sometimes reduce your costs by tens of thousands of dollars.


My patient doesn't speak English.  Do you have multi-lingual personnel?

U.S. Air Ambulance has medical personnel on staff that speak many of the prevalent languages.  In addition, we have access to interpreters that can travel with the patient if required.