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Pricing: Money Saving Options

Money Saving Tips for Affordabe Air Ambulance Services

At U.S. Air Ambulance, our goal is to help as many people as possible safely transfer their loved ones. Below are significant opportunities to save dollars while still receiving our same world-class care and service.   

Please call now and a flight coordinator will discuss these options in detail with you!

  1. For those patients who must transfer immediately by air ambulance service, rest assured that U.S. Air Ambulance is competitively priced and has a price guarantee.

  2. While jets are the fastest form of air ambulance service available, turboprops and twin engine aircraft are also fully medically equipped and can save thousands of dollars.

  3. Air ambulance aircraft often return to base empty after dropping off a patient. If your patient is flexible a few days on either side of your intended date of service, we can perform a connecting flight. Your patient can save thousands of dollars by utilizing the empty plane on its return leg.

  4. If you are able to predict in advance your departure date, schedule with us an advanced notice trip and save from hundreds to thousands of dollars on jet trips. Typically, an advance notice requires five days.

  5. Stable patients may qualify for a less costly form of transport than air ambulance. Call us today to determine if your patient might use a nurse escort trip by airline, long distance ground transport, or Amtrak. Nurse Escort trips can offer the patient as much as a 50% savings over the cost of an air ambulance service.

  6. On international air ambulance trips, patients who can not sit in an airline seat may still qualify for a commercial airline flight using a medical airline stretcher in the rear of the aircraft at savings of tens of thousands compared to air ambulance.